Standard Grey, $100, Ready Now

Beige (poss. RPA/c), $275, Ready Now

Chinchillas For Sale

Standard Grey, $100, Ready Now


Medium Ebony (poss. v/c), $175, Ready Now

Standard Grey (poss. RPA/c), $100, ready in 4 weeks

Sapphire v/c, $275 pet or $300 breeding, Ready in 5-6 weeks

White Mosaic, $250, Ready Now


Bobbie's Chinchillas

White Mosaic, $300, Ready Now

​​Sapphire, $250, Ready Now

Medium Ebony, $175, Ready Now

​ON HOLD White Mosaic, born 03/05/2016, $225

Medium Ebony Sisters, $225ea or $415 together, Ready Now

SOLD ​White Mosaic, born 04/07/2016, $250

White Mosaic, $350, Ready in 6-7 weeks

~Updated January 19, 2017~  

***We are traveling to LAKEWOOD Wisconsin on/off each month and are offering transport along our route from Eau Claire to Lakewood***

***Also traveling to the MINNEAPOLIS Minnesota area here and there, and are offering transport along our route***

***May be willing to meet for a fee for other locations***

Light-Medium Ebony (poss. RPA/c), $175, ready in 4 weeks

​ON HOLD ​White Mosaic, born 04/07/2016, $250

Standard Grey, $100, Ready Now

Violet, $300, Ready Now

TOV Violet, $400, Ready Now - 507g at less than 3 months old!

Sapphire Adult, $100, Ready Now